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 Events in Los Angeles
Jorge Vismara's photography work...
AfroReggae of Vigario Geral
Sunday, Apr 29th
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- 13th annual Newport Beach Film Festival - 1:00 AM
   From April 26th -May 3rd, 2012, the 13th annual Newport Beach Film Festival will showcase over 350 films from across the globe and host a wide array of multic...

- Igreja Evangélica Exército de Salvação - 10:45 AM
   Igreja Evangélica Exército de Salvação Domingos 10:45 da manhã no 125 W. Beryl St, esquina com a Catalina em Redondo Beach 90277. fone (310) 793 1773 www.ig...

- Methodist Church - 6:30 PM
   Brazilians and Americans! The Free Methodist Church Welcomes you! 4301 Cahuenga Blvd., Toluca Lake, CA 818-953-6585 Every Sunday night at 6:30 pm, we...

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Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro

California artist Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro is among 2011's National Heritage Fellowship recipients, announced on June 2011 by the National Endowment for the Arts. This award, which recognizes artists for their artistic excellence and efforts to conserve America's cultures for future generations, is the nation's highest honor in the folk and traditional arts.

Collective production... music for the soul...



Portuguese Proverbs


- A forma como ela fala do Brasil e da luta que sempre foi sua vida, é algo de fazer chorar. Emoção pura e muita valorização para o Exercito Brasileiro. Vejam que o Jô insiste em fazer brincadeiras e ela se mantém serena o tempo todo. Vibra e se emociona mostrando seu amor pelo Brasil. Uma aula de civismo e um exemplo de que dificuldades não são justificativa pra se tomar o caminho errado! Parabéns a essa verdadeira brasileira!
Hino Nacional Brasileiro - Brazilian national anthem
    At the closing ceremony of the 5th World Military Games, in Rio de Janeiro, the anthem was played by Wagner Tiso, Arthur Moreira Lima, João Carlos de Assis Brasil, Nelson Ayres, Amilton Godoy e Antonio Adolfo.
    Na cerimônia de encerramento dos 5º Jogos Mundiais Militares, no Engenhão, uma interpretação do Hino Nacional: Wagner Tiso, Arthur Moreira Lima, João Carlos de Assis Brasil, Nelson Ayres, Amilton Godoy e Antonio Adolfo tocando juntos ao piano.

Pousada Quatro CantosPousada dos Quatro Cantos - Olinda, Pernambuco

Occupies a historic 19th century mansion, situated in the heart of the old city of Olinda (declared a World Cultural Heritage Site).
With its century-old old furniture and antique ceramics, our reception area will take you back to the past from the moment you arrive.

During check-in, you may enjoy a delicious welcome drink of regional fruits and cachaça (sugar-cane rum). Our receptionists are bilingual to guarantee a personalized service - they can offer all you will need to get the most out of the city and its attractions.
Romantic garden, shadowed by huge trees and a sea breeze refreshing wind, where is possible at sunset to listen to the various species of local birds, all that along with delicious snacks and typical meals from.
The region, drinking our worldwide famous 'caipirinha' or maybe our tropical fresh juices. A relaxing well being will take over you.
A spacious, traditional dining hall where you can enjoy a wonderful breakfast , including delicious regional fruits and juices, special Afro-Brazilian dishes, and order your lunch or dinner.
Our artcraft store and art gallery, you will find selected art pieces from renowed artists in northeast. Be sure you will find creative gifts.


Carnaval 2011 - Rio de Janeiro (sample)

Comissão de Frente da Unidos da Tijuca Desfile Unidos da Tijuca Imperatriz
Portela Villa Isabel São Clemente
Grande Rio Beija Flor Salgueiro
Porta Da Pedra União da Ilha Mocidade


Katia Moraes & Brazilian Hearts 2011 from Jorge Vismara on Vimeo.


Paulo Moura (1932–2010)

Last choro played by Paulo Moura with Wagner Tiso in the piano, on July 10th 2010, at Clínica São Vicente, Rio de Janeiro, where passed away two days later.


Está no ar a www.madeinforest.com – a primeira rede ambiental na internet.
Nela as ONGs, empresas de eco produtos, eco serviços, materiais recicláveis / excedentes, cidades de eco turismo, universidades, entre outros, poderão ampliar seus contatos e negócios, compartilhar suas atividades e participar ativamente em uma rede ambiental global. Tudo num só lugar.
Você é nosso convidado especial! Cadastre-se gratuitamente e torne-se membro imediato da Made in Forest. Encontre sinergias dentro de uma rede ambiental mundial.
Conheça e Participe!

Welcome to a Wikilivros a library in Portuguese

[thanks to CAT]
...Guitarra Baiana
This site is dedicated to a musical instrument from Brazil known as the Guitarra Baiana.
It originated as an electrified hybrid between a Brazilian cavaquinho — a small guitar of Portuguese origin also ancestral to the ukulele — and a mandolin, using the string gauge and the short scale of the former and the tuning (GDAE) of the latter. Initially referred to 'Cavaquinho Elétrico' or 'Pau Elétrico' (='electric log'), it came to be called Guitarra Baiana (=Bahian Electric Guitar) in the late 1970s. The instrument is intimately connected to Brazilian Carnival, where it is used extensively, especially in the Carnaval da Bahia of Salvador, Bahia State.

Sebastiao Salgado's Genesis project

The name Sebastiao Salgado is one that is associated with long term documentary photography projects resulting in exquisite black and white photographs, lovingly crafted from the camera to the finished exhibition print. For the past seven years he has been working on a series entitled Genesis, a collection of photographic essays that look at the landscape, wildlife and human communities that live with what he describes as their ancestral values. A selection of pictures from the project, which is due to be completed by 2012, is now on show in the newly opened gallery in the east wing of Somerset House in Holborn. The space once inhabited by the tax office now forms a very pleasant environment and ideal gallery space for Salgado's work, glorious black and white photographs of forests bathed in that heavenly light that seems to follow Salgado on all his assignments...

Copacabana 1950

Rio de Janeiro, a cidade mais feliz do mundo




Sete Rei da Lira - LP - Odeon - 1971

A Mãe de Santo Cacilda de Assis foi um dos médiuns mais polêmicos da história da religião brasileira, graças ao Exu que lhe assistia. Aos 13 anos de idade recebeu pela primeira vez o "Seu" Sete Rei da Lira, o qual foi assentado em 13 de junho de 1938, aos 15 anos, quando Cacilda recebeu sua iniciação de seu Pai, Benedito Galdino do Congo, em Coroa Grande, próximo da conhecidíssima Itacuruçá, no Rio de Janeiro (local onde funcionou um outro importantíssimo terreiro da história das religiões brasileiras). Ela também trabalhava com a Pomba Gira Audara Maria.

Mario Sergio Cortella - Não nascemos prontos parte 1/4 - parte 2/4 - parte 3/4 - parte 4/4
entrevista com o Jô Soares parte 1/2 - parte 2/2
Some interesting Powerpoints we have received and converted into flash...
all rights belong to the original creator(s)
The Gift on the Water/Omi Odára: clarity + water + creativity = life
images of Viver Brazil at the Ford - [full essay]

Crônicas Urbanas por José Ataíde



São Salvador da Baía de Todos os Santos

Salvador, Bahia
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Salvador (historic name, São Salvador da Baía de Todos os Santos, in English: "Holy Savior of All Saints' Bay") is a city on the northeast coast of Brazil and the capital of the Northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia. Salvador is also known as Brazil's capital of happiness due to its easygoing population and countless popular outdoor parties, including its street carnival. The first colonial capital of Brazil, the city is one of the oldest in the country and in the New World; for a long time, it was also known as Bahia, and appears under that name (or as Salvador da Bahia, Salvador of Bahia so as to differentiate it from other Brazilian cities of the same name) on many maps and books from before the mid-20th century. Salvador is the third most populous Brazilian city, after São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and it is the eighth most populous city in Latin America, after Mexico City, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Lima, Bogotá, Rio de Janeiro and Santiago, Chile.
The city of Salvador is notable in Brazil for its cuisine, music and architecture, and its metropolitan area is the wealthiest in the northeastern region of the country. Over 80% of the population of metropolitan region of Salvador is of Black African origin, and African influence in many cultural aspects of the city makes it the center of Afro-Brazilian culture. The historical center of Salvador, frequently called the Pelourinho, is rich in historical monuments dating from the 17th through the 19th centuries and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985.
Salvador is located on a small, roughly triangular peninsula that separates Todos os Santos Bay from the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The bay, which gets its name from having been discovered on All Saints' Day forms a natural harbor. Salvador is a major export port, lying at the heart of the Recôncavo Baiano, a rich agricultural and industrial region encompassing the northern portion of coastal Bahia. The local terrain is diverse ranging from flat to rolling to hills and low mountains.
A particularly notable feature is the escarpment that divides Salvador into the Cidade Alta ("Upper Town") and the Cidade Baixa ("Lower Town"), the former some 85 m (275 ft) above the latter,[1] with the city's cathedral and most administrative buildings standing on the higher ground. An elevator (the first installed in Brazil), known as Elevador Lacerda has connected the two sections since 1873, having since undergone several upgrades.
The Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães International Airport connects Salvador with Brazilian cities and also operates international flights, and the city is home to the Federal University of Bahia.

1 Geography
1.1 Climate
1.2 Vegetation
2 History
3 Toponymy
3.1 City government
4 Demographics
4.1 Religion
5 Economy
6 Tourism and recreation
7 Education
7.1 Educational institutions
8 Historic Centre

9 Culture
9.1 Literature
9.2 Religion
9.3 Cuisine
9.4 Capoeira
9.5 Museums
9.6 Carnival/Carnaval
9.7 Funk and Bahia Funk Dances
9.8 Theatre
10 Human Rights & Gay Rights
11 Infrastructure

11.1 International Airport
11.2 Port
11.3 Metro
11.4 Highways
11.5 Distances
12 Neighborhoods
13 Sports
14 Human Development
15 Notable people
16 Sister cities
17 References
18 External links
18.1 Official
18.2 Education
Mr. Jorge Vismara, creator and founder of the Brazilian Consulate Gallery has resigned from the board.

Carnaval History In English, and another one in Portuguese
 Carnival photo albums in and around Brazil
2007 - 2006 - 2005 - 2004 - 2003 - 2002 - 2001
pre-Carnaval 2006 in Olinda
Carnaval 2006 in Bahia
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Brazilian Heart 10 years celebration
images (taken with a small camera)


Sertão Sangrento: Luta e Resistência - Introdução - Tese de Jovenildo Pinheiro de Sousa sobre a vida de Lampião. Este texto é o produto de anos de pesquisa, carinho, respeito e dedicação de Jovenildo (foto) resgatando a história de uma figura que ainda hoje cria polêmica.
Capítulo Um - Capítulo Dois - Capítulo Três - Capítulo Quatro - Capítulo Cinco (Conclusão) - Capítulo Seis (Bibliografia) © 1996 Jovenildo Pinheiro de Souza


15 years ago we started to promote some artists in Los Angeles... mostly for friendship + proud of being Brazilian... here we are, 16 years later with one of the most popular sites in the US.
We won several awards along the way, we were recognized by "Prêmio Especial Press Award 10 Anos" that took place in Miami in mid April 2007

Povos indigenas do Brasil (in English)

- Indigenous narratives, organizations, projects, languages, art, encyclopedia...

Compilation of 500 birds of Brazil

including their singing (in portuguese)

Samba do Rio de Janeiro é Patrimônio Cultural do Brasil

Aquarela do Brazil (Walt Disney film created in the 1940s)

Check for videos, photographs and more: Alma Carioca

Great panorama view of the Pão de Açucar - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

List of Brazil state name etymologies -
-Etimologia dos nomes das unidades federativas do Brasil

Two Fascinating Documentaries Out Now on DVD: "Found Sounds Bahia" and "Colors Of A Creative Culture"

Try to put together the Brazilian map... click here

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Crônicas Urbanas por José Ataíde

Fighting HIV — Lessons from Brazil - article from the New England Journal of Medicine
In the history of the response to the HIV pandemic, Brazil is best known for its pioneering decision in 1996 to offer free combination antiretroviral therapy to all citizens with AIDS
Yet Brazil's persistent and aggressive efforts to prevent new HIV infections have probably played an equal or greater role in slowing the spread of the virus and containing the country's epidemic. At the beginning of the 1990s, the epidemics in Brazil and South Africa, both ranked as middle-income countries, were at a similar stage, with a prevalence of HIV infection of about 1.5 percent among adults of reproductive age. But by 1995, the year before Brazil's treatment program was established, the HIV epidemic in South Africa had begun to explode, with a prevalence already greater than 10 percent, whereas the infection rate in Brazil had declined by half.


Two great music videos... Armandinho and Yamandu Costa playing Assanhado and Yamandu Costa playing Taquito militar - thanks to CAT

we want to share these fabulous animations:
a woman from inside out
- Animator vs Animation - Scale of how big we are
 Our Photo Gallery top AfroReggae of Vigario Geral
The streets of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, are full of life... no public transportation makes the cyclos and tuktuks the best way to move around... people fill public places and parks, with plenty of options for eating out, right there on the sidewalk... but look for the early hours or the end of the day, when temperatures are nicer... best of - full essay The grown ups are also interesting with their faces carved in a life that has put them to test many times... best of - full essay
Fishing in the Tonlé Sap and Tonlé Thom Rivers (Mekong River) is all what a fisherman wants in life. Abundant fish all year long... look at the birds ! ! ! they don't want to miss the action...
We went from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh by speedboat... the captain was honking all the time looking for space to move forward. But again life on these tiny boats is not easy... long hours, day (under burning sun...) and night, sitting on a narrow wooden boat is not like staying at a five star hotel lounge...  
  best of - full essay
Life around the Tonlé Sap and Tonlé Thom Rivers (Mekong River) is tough. Simple...
But the character of the Cambodians is tougher, allowing them to live smiling and keeping their life flowing by a river that changes the flow twice a year (goes downstream for 8 monhts, upstream for the rest of the year) and making the level of the river change from 1 meter deep at Tonlé Sap Lake to 9 meters deep after the rainy season. 
best of - full essay
 Krumpin, emerging from the streets of LA ..Igarapé Fortaleza - Macapá, where the boats are repaired and life continues...
Salvador BahiaSalvador, Bahia, Brazil Some images from Salvador that I have not publish before.
full album
Cachoeira BahiaCachoeira, Bahia, Brazil and some images from Cachoeira, close to Salvador, that were somehow kept secret in my hard drive
Jorge Vismara

Sergio Mielniczenko (interviews)
Comments by Sergio Mielniczenko about Flora Purim's new CD - Flora's Song
Dori Caymmi - listen to this great interview by Sérgio Mielniczenko on Brazilian Hour, on October 2001
Flora Purim and Airto Moreira interviewed by Sergio Mielniczenko on January 2003

 Events in Bahia top more ... AfroReggae of Vigario Geral
Confira alguns sites sobre a Bahia
  A Tarde - News about Carnaval   Salvador da Bahia - oficial site   Te Vi Aqui in Salvador

O site da Empresa de Turismo de Salvador conta a história da cidade, dá dicas de hospedagem e culinária e tem uma coleção de cartões-postais: www.emtursa.ba.gov.br
Site oficial de Salvador, conta a história da cidade e tem como principal atração uma coleção de imagens antigas: www.salvador.ba.gov.br
Governo do Estado
Reúne informações sobre investimentos em turismo e traz dicas de roteiros culturais e turísticos por todo o Estado: www.bahia.ba.gov.br

 New Links top
  Jorge Vismara's
photography work...
AfroReggae of Vigario Geral
Old and Historic Maps of Rio de Janeiro - nice site with old maps

Navegar AmazôniaNavegar AmazôniaThe Projet moved to São Paulo and is not doing any more trips into the Amazon wilderness, but it was good while it lasted...
Jorge Vismara
, the soul and webmaster behind Pelourinho.com spent some weeks at the Amazon... Jorge was photographing the latest trip of Navegar Amazônia (English version)... Navegar Amazônia is a foundation created by Jorge Bodanzky (not any more part of the organization) and José Roberto Lacerda.
Navegar AmazôniaThe Project Navegar Amazônia was an initiative that it searched, through the Technology of the Information and Comunicação (TIC), to establish a link between the local knowledge of coastal communities of the Amazôn River and the available and accessible universal knowledge in the world.
See a short movie (broadband recommended and it is in Portuguese...)

Interesting site to set up your clock... anywhere in the world... click here
Certidões de Cartorios do Rio de Janeiro online
1.Quem quiser tirar NO RIO DE JANEIRO, A PARTIR DE 3 Novembro 2004, uma cópia da certidão  de nascimento ou de casamento, não precisa mais ir até um cartório, pegar  senha e esperar  um tempão na fila. O cartório eletrônico funcionará 24 horas por dia, on-line.
Cópias de certidões de óbito, de imóveis e protestos, também podem ser solicitados pela internet.
Para pagar, é preciso imprimir um boleto bancário.
Depois, o documento chega por Sedex. Para accessar clique aqui
2.Quem quiser registrar uma queixa de roubo de celular ou documentos, no Rio de Janeiro, pode fazer pela internet [thanks to Robson and CAT]
Gas Prices in LA - LOWEST Gas Prices in the Last 48 Hours
we are preparing a collection of Wallpapers with images of Jorge Vismara...
Captured Emotions is the website where Jorge Vismara shows his photographic professional work...
updated and complete list of Consulates in the USA
História do Rio de Janeiro (portuguese) - Esta página nasceu de uma grande vontade de divulgar o mais possível a história e as belezas desta Cidade Maravilhosa, onde tive o privilégio de nascer e viver até hoje e pela qual tenho uma grande paixão, muito embora reconheça as dificuldades e os problemas que ela enfrenta no seu dia-a-dia, mas acho que isto de forma alguma deve fazer com que as pessoas que a amam possam ter seus sentimentos diminuídos, mas pelo contrário que eles sejam intensificados para que se possa sempre buscar melhorias para ela, que ainda é um dos melhores lugares para se viver. http://www.geocities.com/rio_cidade/hibiblpr.html

Carnaval History In English, and another one in Portuguese

Povos desconhecidos - Ciência e Meio Ambiente - Estadao.com.br
Bad Weather... check the radar for Los Angeles...
The beautiful anthem - ...First penned by Francisco da Silva in 1841, the Hino Nacional is arguably the jauntiest, cheeriest, most tuneful and most beguiling national anthem on the planet. It feels as if it comes ready composed from the opera house, and the influence of Rossini is hard to miss, though scholars now think Da Silva may have cribbed the tune from a religious work by his teacher, José Nunes Garcia. Admirers have included the Creole composer Louis Moreau Gottschalk, who wrote a set of variations for piano and orchestra on it that are well worth hearing.... and listen the the northeast version too!
Press Room... open to writers around the world... Press Room
Miserable Failure

 the invisible Group top AfroReggae of Vigario Geral
 Latest news from Brazil top
Jorge Vismara's photography work...
AfroReggae of Vigario Geral

A Tarde
Jornal do Brasil
O Globo
UAI Estado de Minas
O Estado de São Paulo -
O Estado de São Paulo (in English)

Jornal da Tarde
Zero Hora

San Diego
Brazilian Pacific Times

Brazil - Jornais de hoje

Jornal Tudo Bem

Folha de São Paulo
Correio Brasiliense
Diário de Pernambuco
Gazeta Mercantil
RadioBras - sinopse de notícias

London Daily -
Independent by Brazilians

Alternative readings:
Observatorio da Imprensa
Brasil de Fato
Kit Net
First Page of papers from all over the world

Get your FREE copy at home:

SoulBrasil Magazine Soul Brasil and / or Brazilian Pacific Times .

Brazil news

Pelourinho.com first 15 years online...!

Helping promote our culture... to be appreciated, respected and enjoyed by the local community...

We started as a Geocities site, one of thousands... helping Kátia Moraes, Amen Santo, and others to overcome what it was at the time the internet mystery. We believed in the media... and here we are after 180 months... and six million hits a month later...

Our site takes the name from a very special and particular neighborhood in Salvador, Bahia, where slaves were auctioned by slave traders to the rich farmers of the new world. Today Pelourinho is one of the most visited parts of Salvador, the capital of Bahia state, which continues to thrive being and making history and carrying forward the "axé" of this very blessed and magical place...

The place was not only a class encounter... there was a cultural clash, a religious shock, a music impact... and you can add to the list: food, clothes, ethics, architecture, color, taste, etc etc etc...

We find some similarities with the SoCal population in regards to the culture clash... and to replicate the Pelourinho experience into our days, we are opening our doors to Rare and Exceptional performances of all cultures...

The contacts that Jorge Vismara has developed with Asian, middle eastern, european artists, through his work with UCLA, the World Festival of Sacred Music, has helped him to have access to very very special artists / performances, mostly ignored by the big media...

We will remain focused on the Brazilian culture, bringing only the best, adding the rare and exceptional performances of Asian, Latinos, Middle Eastern, Mother Africa, and European artists...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful journey ! ! !


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AfroReggae of Vigario Geral
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Images of the island of Bali 2004

Carnival in Brazil
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pre-Carnaval 2006 in Olinda
Carnaval 2006 in Bahia
Carnaval 2007 in Rio de Janeiro
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